Garage Floor Coatings, What You need to know


It looks really cool and it seems like it would be easy to clean. Are there many color options? Can I do it myself? How long does it last? What do I need to know about Resinous Concrete Coatings?

Resinous garage floor coatings and driveway coatings are very popular now and come in many colors. Having a top quality coating professionally installed is nice but it can be really expensive! Why would you pay that kind of money for something so simple? Painters, handymen and homeowners are installing them all over town… What could go wrong? Let’s take a look….

There are four parts to a resinous floor coating:

Crack repair product:
Most floors have small crack that need to be repaired prior to coating. A mixture of silica sand and crack repair material are worked into the void once the crack is opened up with a specialty grinder. With chips applied at 100% coverage you can get away without repairing small cracks but they may still be visible at certain angles in the right lighting.

Color coat(s):
The color that goes down on the floor first. It needs to be applied quickly so chips will stick to it if you are using a 3 coat method.

Chips are cast into the still wet 1st or 2nd color coat. They can be applied sporadically (feeding the chickens) or with 100% coverage so the only bits of color coat you see are what soak around the edges of the chips. Feeding the chickens takes practice for the perfectionist eye.

Top coat(s):
Clear Product such as epoxy, Polyaspartic or Poly 90. The poly top coats are UV stable and several times harder than epoxy. It’s all about application. Garage floor coatings work well for one person to put it down with a squeegee while others back roll with a paint roller.

There are numerous critical factors when setting up resinous chip coatings. The quantity of solids inside your product, the Extremely Violet stability, Suitable Crack restore, the quantity of item occurring the floor and Prep. A very powerful of all will be the prep.

depending upon the solution that you are putting down, you will discover 3 approved ways of prep. Grinding, shot blasting or perhaps a deep acid etch. The completed product is just pretty much as good as the prep. A rough profile is needed from wall to wall. Any places that are not appropriately profiled or remaining dirty will at some point Permit unfastened.

Most do it oneself kits with the big box retailer would require a person color coat to generally be immediately applied, a fast smattering of chips and one coat of apparent epoxy that can flip amber in shade with time. If prepped thoroughly it might delay for a while but there isn’t a great deal of material to dress in.

Crack mend can generally situations be the hang up for the DIY kind. It will take follow and a few specialty equipment just like a grinder/vac to have it appropriate.

A substantial solids product or service Like Graniflex addresses fully in a single coat and will never shrink even though drying. Though you may protect in one coat an experienced installer will usually skinny out the very first coat and send it deep into your pores of the ground for the last word adhesion. The chips is going to be cast into the slower drying next shade coat with one hundred% chip coverage. As soon as the chips are adequately scraped and prepped two UV steady Poly best coats are applied.

Whether having it on by yourself or employing the big guns not less than now you may have an idea of What to anticipate. If you need to do here go the low-cost route just be prepared…. It can Expense much more to eliminate a failed coating prior to deciding to have it professionally done the 2nd time. Thank you for finding the time.

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